Kick Back Cocktail Table


Our new Kick Back table was designed for rock stars, and the people who love to listen to them. Kick back, enjoy a drink or a smoke, and when side A comes to an end, no need to get up—just lean over, flip the record, and pour another finger. Made with natural and dyed black Italian Bolivar veneer (it's not painted) and a steel base, the Kick Back’s bold striped pattern makes a serious design statement, and a decidedly unserious lifestyle statement.

It’s the ultimate table to come home to after a long day, or gather around with friends—with a recessed area to house a turntable, a side cutout for an amp, a niche for over 120 albums, and a solid brass inset to hold a whiskey or wine bottle (or ash tray if you live in a legal state). In addition to the home, we can see our new table in a tricked out hotel suite, a boutique hotel lobby, or a workplace common area.

We are proud to announce this design was selected and exhibited in the 2016 Venice Biennale. Kick Back cocktail table $9,200.00 Please call or email to place order your order, not available to purchase from web. Made in New York. International shipping available.

Shown with Music Hall mmf-2.2 Turntable in Black, and Music Hall a15.3 integrated amp. Cord drop access is located within the turntable and amp niche's of the Kick Back. We suggest using wireless speakers with the Kick Back table. Music Hall turntables and amps are available to purchase from us, please inquire.

L 48" x W 27" x H 20"

Turntables under 18" x 14 1/4" will nest in the turntable niche. Please let us know if you need a custom size niche for your turntable.

Natural and dyed Italian Bolivar veneer is striped with a steel base.

Please call (212) 647-0225 or email for more information or to purchase.