Atocha Design was started from our twin passions for music and design in 2008. We can't remember when we weren't ever obsessed with music and records. Picking a favorite album to play for friends and family, listening to a new discovery we stumbled upon at the local shop, discussing cover art that excited or confused us for decades … These simple but cherished rituals that we share with so many others inspired us to create Atocha Design furniture for fellow music lovers. And, like you, building our music collection has been a lifelong project—intimate, significant, and unique. So these collections which we put so much time and care into deserve to be preserved, accessible, and appreciated via a special furniture piece that is both beautiful and functional. We wanted to offer music enthusiasts something that would provide easy access to your entire music collection while allowing you to enjoy the album cover artwork, and not just the spines, as you browse through it.

At Atocha Design, our specialty is handcrafted, mid-century–inspired furniture for storing records, CDs, and audio components. Our designs allow quick access to your music collection and easy storage when it's not in use. Careful consideration has gone into the design, engineering, and construction of our pieces to specifically accommodate the heavy weight of an LP collection.

Trust your preferences. Atocha Design is a custom studio and can produce your furniture piece from a range of wood and hardware options. Each cabinet is made to order; if you don't find what you're looking for, we can work with you to create something unique to match your needs. Our furniture is handcrafted entirely in the U.S.A., for and by design-minded music lovers.

To contact us by phone, please reach out to us during business hours EST 9 am-5pm 212-647-0225 or by email anytime at inquiries@atochadesign.com