The Record Cabinet

Vinyl enthusiasts savor the tactile experience of looking at album covers, reading liner notes, and "feeling" records at our fingertips. If you're music fanatics like us, you love flipping through stacks of records and soaking up the artwork, but have lived with the dilemma of having your collection stored sideways on shelves in your home.

The ATOCHA DESIGN Record Cabinet is the culmination of form and function: a hand-crafted furniture piece that gives you quick access to your music collection—and elegant storage when it's not in use.

The beauty of our Record Cabinet is the access you finally have to your music collection. Your entire music collection. Every record is sorted upright and face-forward in soft-touch gliding drawers, so you can flip through albums quickly and easily while, most importantly, being able to look at the cover art. And rather than being stuck on the first 10 records at the top of the stack, you can rediscover those forgotten albums that were hard to reach in the back and hadn't been played in forever.

We created the Record Cabinet for the lifetime vinyl enthusiast and collector. Its impeccable construction and modern yet timeless aesthetic was made to last through the years. As music lovers, we know how important it is to preserve our collections, so the Record Cabinet was designed to protect your records from the elements. And careful consideration has gone into its engineering and construction to handle the heavy weight of an LP collection: Each drawer holds approximately 95 LPs that you can organize based on your preferences. But the 
Record Cabinet can store more than just records—its design is flexible, and we offer models that can also hold CDs, 7-inch singles or DVDs, as well as audio components.

Our freestanding furniture is hand-crafted by a master cabinetmaker in the U.S.A. using high-quality sustainable materials and hardware. See below to learn about our wood and hardware options, and for the range of designs in which the Record Cabinet can be configured. If you don't see a design that suits your needs, please visit the CUSTOM DESIGN page. Each piece is made to order in the U.S.A.



ATOCHA DESIGN furniture is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Compliant. Our cabinets are made from sustainably harvested wood, and are formaldehyde- and lead-free. The Record Cabinet shown is made of solid American walnut and American-walnut veneer.

DIMENSIONS (for model photographed):

Length: 62 in.; height: 37 in.; depth: 21 in.


Each LP drawer holds up to 95 records.
Each CD drawer holds up to 75 compact discs.

The model shown above has 6 LP and 4 CD drawers, and can hold 
a maximum of 570 LPs and 300 CDs. This can vary slightly based on how tightly the drawers are filled.



Our standard sustainable wood options include:

• American walnut

• American oak

• American maple

• American cherry

Please see our CUSTOM DESIGN page for information on buying a piece in an exotic wood species.

ATOCHA DESIGN selects materials that are beautiful and durable. Significant engineering has gone into the design of the furniture to accommodate the weight of a vinyl collection. To ensure absolute safety, we recommend that you open only one drawer at a time.



Our solid-brass drawer pulls are custom-made in the U.S.A. We offer a choice between vintage brass (on model) and brushed nickel finishes. High-quality soft-touch drawer slides are installed in each drawer.



Please contact us directly via e-mail or phone to get a shipping quote and place your order. As they are built to order, Record Cabinets cannot be bought from our website. We want to make sure we get your order just right. 



Our furniture is hand-crafted. Each piece is built to order and can be configured in a variety of sizes and from a choice of materials. See below for line drawings of our Record Cabinet Collection. Pricing is based on size, materials, and design requirements; prices below reflect the model shown made with our standard wood options of American walnut, maple, oak, or cherry. If you don't see a design that suits your needs, we can work with you to create one that does. For even more inspiration and examples of cabinets we've built for our clients, visit our PHOTO ALBUM.